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The ENT clinic is a progressive ear nose and throat private practice founded by surgeon Mr Tony Hinton based in South London at Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon and New Victoria Hospital, Kingston.

Tony Hinton is a consultant ENT surgeon and works for the NHS at the well-known teaching hospital, St George's Hospital, London and Kingston Hospital.

What the Practice offers -

The practice offers private consultations with Tony Hinton on all general ENT problems (for example, hearing loss in children and adults, blocked noses, sore throats, sleep apnoea and dizziness.) You can now book your ENT consultation online!

We have our own audiological technician who can carry out simple and complex hearing tests, and offer advice on hearing aids. We also have the benefit of arranging CT and MRI scans and other investigations privately, so that the results are received promptly, with the resulting peace of mind this offers.

The practice is managed by Karen Hunter who is available to answer queries and concerns throughout the day from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday on 0208 336 1112. You can also E- mail Karen or leave a message on her answer phone outside these office hours. Karen is able to help with appointment information, repeat prescriptions and billing queries, to name a few of her talents, but most problems can be dealt with by giving her a ring!